Black Typer

Project Description

BLACK TYPER is an interface and a set of programs that allow using a MSX computer as a USB keyboard and/or gamepad.

Thanks to this interface we can bring that old, no longer used MSX computers back to life, giving us the opportunity to get the same feelings that we enjoyed with our first computer, while using a modern system.

But not just that, we will be able to use it in a wide variety of devices too:

  • Single-board computers such as the Raspberry Pi.
  • Tablets and Smartphones.
  • Game consoles (PlayStation, Wii, Xbox)
  • SmartTVs.
  • Any device to which an USB keyboard can be connected.
  • Keyboard/Joystick for emulators.

Main Features

  • Compatible with any model of MSX computer.
  • Supports HID Boot Protocol and HID Report Protocol in Keyboard Only mode.
  • Asynchronous communication protocol, no need for initial synchronization with the MSX.
  • Working modes: Keyboard Only, Gamepad Only and multidevice combo Keyboard + Gamepad.
  • Support for MSX joysticks.
  • Ability to change mode in real time.
  • Compatible with the USBTopia device as external joystick.



Black Typer

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