Project Description

USBTOPIA is an interface that allows using USB keyboards and mice in our MSX computers, via the joystick port.

It is a well-known fact that MSX mouse devices are scarce, difficult to find and often very expensive. USBTOPIA solves this problem once and for all. A good quality USB mouse is easy to find and is pretty cheap.

But this is not the only feature offered by USBTOPIA. It also allows connecting USB keyboards that will act as if they were a MSX joystick. Many MSX users are used to play using <CURSOR> keys and the <SPACE> key; now it is possible to do that with a good USB keyboard, extending the life of the valued MSX keyboard.

Main Features

  • Compatible with any model of MSX computer.
  • Supports all USB Mice/Keyboards compatible with the USB HID-BOOT standard protocol.
  • Autofire included.
  • No extra software needed.
  • External power free.
  • Bidirectional Plug & Play: You can change the USB device on the fly and you can connect the interface to the MSX joystick port at any time.




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